Ready to CRUSH Your First Pull-Up?

(No More Dangling Like a Dead Fish)

The Day I'll Never Forget

Approaching the gym, as I coasted slowly through the car park, there was a certain stillness in the air and I noticed a few other members walking up the long concrete path like little ants on a mission …. a mission to lift some heavy stuff!

I walked up the path, smelling the freshly brewing coffee from the nearby cafe, and I began feeling butterflies in my stomach.  The red, circular, “target-shaped” symbol on the wall of the gym stood out to me this day,  and at that moment, I knew something great was going to happen – I was on target for something big!

Gazing around the strength room, while standing at my station, I remember seeing a purple-faced meat-head type in the corner giving me the “what’s that girl doing in here” look.  I felt a little self-conscious about what I was going to do, in case I would publicly fail in the attempt and confirm the weakness Mr Meat-head saw in me. Then, with a nudge of confidence from envisioning Sarah Connor from T2, I re-focused my attention to the target …

My sweaty hands grabbed hold of the bar far above my head and, after dangling there helplessly for a split-second, I went for it; squeezing with all my might, knees curling, shoulders shrugging a little as I made it to the bar and achieved my very first Chin-Up!

But I wasn’t finished there …

Adrenaline now pumping through my body, heart in mouth, legs quivering like crazy, I said out loud:


With every ounce of effort, my chin made it over the bar once again!

Stepping down, shaking and giggling (yes giggling), I smiled from ear to ear with beaming pride, I glanced over to Mr Meat-head who simply nodded with approval and respect.


Photo of Marianne Kane doing a perfect overhand grip pull-up

The Problem:

To succeed at your first unassisted pull-up, you must: believe in yourself AND the process. If you're like most women, you've been conditioned to believe you have a weak upper body and therefore "it will be harder" for you to achieve this goal (don't get me started on that). Regarding the process, the issue is "too much information" and too many options.

The Solution:

You nurture both beliefs by embarking on a simple, sustainable, and enjoyable journey, while maintaining your lower body strength. That's why I designed the Pull-Up Academy the way I did. There are GREAT programs out there, but they have a major defect... they're so darn overwhelming. It's like someone took a brain-dump and you end up with way too much information. I give you enough information to make the process easy. And if you have questions, I am more than happy to help.